The varied geography of Peru’s territory has given its inhabitants the conditions for assuming mystical attitudes and relationships.

Evidence shows that ancient Peruvians knew how to make use of places with magnetic concentration for perpetuating their work. They also had a profound knowledge of the elements that united them to their environment to which they incorporated magic-religious experiences, a valuable sequence that expresses itself to this very day.

A fascinating and exciting trend in the search for the spirituality of ancient cultures that inhabited Peru has become very popular among tourists in recent years. Some people call it esoteric tourism, a mistaken term since esoteric refers to the occult or hidden, something that cannot be seen or spoken of, definition which contradicts the word tourism which in essence means to show. This trend is also called mystic tourism, a term worth analyzing.


Celebrate Your Wedding in Peru According to the Ancient Inca Rituals and Traditions

Enjoy this unique and transcendental experience which has been performed for hundreds of years!!!

This trascendental ritual, as well as the Civil Wedding, may be celebrated anytime in the year, on the dates selected by the couple.

The Inca Marriage exemplified the Andean cosmological ideal of man and woman, the union of complementary forces.

The basic Inca marriage ceremony was quite simple. It started by having the couples hands united by a local representative.

This signified that from then on, the couple should function as one.More than bringing to life a traditional Inca wedding ceremony, this experience enters the hearts and minds of the couple that know the true value of Pachamama – Mother Earth.

The Andean ideology considers the Tinkunakuy, which is the cohabitation of two compatible souls, who share their life some time before their formal union before society.

The Tupay or polar union is composed of four rituals:

– The Qapaq Qapachi or purification.
– The Koymi, reciprocal sharing of abundance.
– The Apacheqta, offering to Mother Earth as a witness to the union of two bodies.
– The Tupay itself.
– During cohabitation the couple cannot procreate.

After Tupay, the union is enriched not only with the socio-economic, but familiar responsibilities.
From this point on the couple turn into Runas.


In a short explanation the Andean Wedding Ceremony will be as follows: The ceremony for the Andean Wedding will take place in the place we agree, about the day I will reconfirm you the special day according to the Astronomic Calendar to coincide with the best time for you.

Anyway, I will make an identification and recognition of the place due to the importance of this ceremony for you to understand the sacred space and to seal a relationship between the Sanctuary and you.

Once we step on earth and be conscious of the union of you both, the “Aukis” or guardians spirits of the place will transport our intentions. We will read and interpretate the coca leaves to ask for all our intentions, as a feminine symbol of the place the coca leaves will be giving every detail that we ask for.

After this diagnose the Wedding Ceremony starts, preparing the offering for this union to be the best for the couple, as a witness will be the “Mamallpa”, using the sacred “Chumpi”, symbol of the union between you, you will be placed one back next to the other to alignate your vastones or vertebral columns and to facilitate a unique growth or development as one

The elements to be used on the ceremony will be:

Special offering
Coca leaves, an Unku, a Chumpi
Flowers that harmonize with your energy
Candles for your union
Oporto wine, incense, Water of flowers
White Corn, Rainbow tapes

About the symbols that you will use, one is representative of our part, if you like to use others elements like rings, flowers crowns, bracelets, hairbands etc. is by your own. 
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