PERU MAP: Tourist attractions in Peru

A trip to Peru offers up no end of amazing experiences. From watching the sun rise over mighty Machu Picchu to wending your way through the Amazon in a dugout canoe or indulging your taste buds on a tour of Lima’s ceviche restaurants, there’s plenty to see and do here. Whether you’re planning a short break or the jungle adventure of a lifetime, use our map of Peru below to start organizing your trip.

This rich country varies greatly, from the surfing mecca of Máncora to picture-perfect Arequipa, and you could spend years exploring. Aside from the famous Inca ruins, one of the most puzzling sights is the Nasca lines around 200 miles south of Lima. Best seen from the air, the animal figures and geometric shapes etched on the Nasca plain are over one thousand years old and remain one of the world’s greatest archaeological mysteries.