tour to la paz bolivia


Day 01 LA PAZ

Arrive in La Paz. Transfer to your hotel.

Day 02 LA PAZ

Morning excursion to Tiahuanaco, located 72 km/45 miles – 1 hour from La Paz. The trip passes through the Bolivian Highlands, where you can see the Aymara Indian way of life. We pass Laja, the place were the city of La Paz was founded on October 20th in 1548, in which we come across a beautiful old church in the Renaissance style. Tiahuanaco is one of the oldest American cultures, carbon dated 14th century, which gives us an average age of 1580 BC until 1150 AC. It is considered the cradle of the American humanity and one of the most advanced cultures in development in those times. Its temples and constructions include: The Kalasasaya Temple, where you see the main work done by the Tiahuanacotas like the Gate of the Sun, the monoliths of Ponce and Fraile, the Akapana pyramid, the Semiunderground temple (a sunken temple where walls are lined with faces showing with different expressions).
Afternoon tour of La Paz, including the area of the street markets, rich in handicrafts, weavings and witchcraft artifacts representing the traditional beliefs of the Ch’alla (ritual of offerings) and Pachamama (Mother Earth and symbol of fertility). The tour goes through the colonial area of the city, the Church of San Francisco, Gold Museum, Murillo Square and the outdoor replica of the Tiahuanaco Temple. Then continue to the modern area of La Paz and see how the city is spreading and how the elevation drops down. Finally you leave the city to enter the Valley of the Moon where you enjoy a breathtaking view of its natural and unusual geological formations. (Breakfast)

Day 03 LA PAZ – HOME

Transfer to the airport for your international departure flight or continue your visit with the tour extension of your choice. (Breakfast)