Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge Private Reserve. Our Birdwatching Amateur programme is expressly designed to facilitate non-professional bird-watching enthusiasts enjoy and understand Pacaya Samiria´s habitat and extensive avifauna.

Our Amateur programme can last 3 days – 2 nights or 4 days – 3 nights, enough time to spot a considerable number of species (between 150 and 200), in the area, enjoy the great biodiversity of Pacaya Samiria and have a direct articipation in sustainable activities both in our ecolodge and in surrounding communities.

The adventure offered by our Amateur programme actually begins before arrival at Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge with our pre-visit tutorial that is sent to our guests in advance to prepare them for the excitement of watching the widest variety of birds of the Peruvian amazon.

From the airport of Iquitos, we will travel to Nauta, the first village founded by the Spanish Conquerors on the banks of the Marañon River. Nauta is located at 1:30 hours and 97 kms from Iquitos. In Nauta we will board our private boats first to visit the confluence of the rivers Ucayali and Marañón, this is the Amazon River Main Stem. During the journey we will be able to observe coastal birds such as the herons, birds of prey and right on the river banks (and according to the season) we will be able to watch havroghts, black scrapers and others. Finally, we will arrive at our Ecolodge where we will receive a welcome greeting by a member of the Kukama Kukamiria ethnic group and a seasonal fruit cocktail.

Pacaya Samiria National Reserve that are open to tourists and extremely rich in birds (habitat of over 400 species). Along our journey, we will be able to observe different types of birds such as the Amazon Kingfisher, Great ingfisher, Green and Rufous Kingfisher and Pygmyl Kingfisher, spectacular flocks of Tanagers, Chestnut-Eared Aracari, Red Crested Woodpeckers, Spangled Cotingas, Lemon-throated Barbets, White-eared Jacamar and Blackcapped Donacobios.

We will navigate through lagoons and rivers hidden by the vegetation, we will walk through open paths in the jungle in search of the Horned Screamers,Marsh Sparrow haws, Jabirus, Storks, Pink Spoonbills, Pinta lapwing, the Black-tailed Antbird, Black-necked Red Cotinga, the Grey-cheeked nunlet, the Barbreasted Piculet, the Ivory-Peaked Arasari, the Chest-Striped Woodpecker, the Rufous Hat Antthrush, and the Yellow-billed Jacamar, among others Throughout our journey, our expert guides will help us in the acquisition of basic birdwatching skills, such as different birds identification mechanisms and understanding of their behaviour patterns.

To enrich even more our visitors’ experience, our Amateur programme includes additional activities in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, such as interpretation treks to enjoy the great biodiversity of the Reserve (more than 2,000 species of fauna and flora), guaranteed watching of pink and gray dolphins, artisan fishing of piranhas and visit to surrounding communities such as the San Jorge Community where we would be first hand witnesses of the activities of the Center for Artisan Women (Pua Kamatawara), known for their work in natural fiber (Chambira) and carving in wingo or pumpkin.

Private Reserve of Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge our ecolodge owns a Private Reserve of 130 hectares of primary (unaltered) forest that offers a privileged environment for birdwatching.
Our team of experts has identified more than 107 species of birds in our Private Reserve which are described in the attached checklist. This checklist will also facilitate the counting and identification of the bird species we will see during our day and night treks.

Birwatching Amateur includes additional activities in our private Reserve such as the ethnobotanical tour (botanical garden and production center for organic products), experiential gastronomy activities, day and night ecotrekking (to spot reptile and insect species) and our “Evening encounters with the cosmic vision of the Amazon culture, hold at our Tsetsu mirador”. End of program

Includes a boat trip on the Marañón River to Cocha Shiruyacu (depending on season and conditions) to observe various species of herons such as the white heron, the gray heron, the cormorants and others. Transfer in our private boats from the ecolodge to Nauta and by private vehicle from Nauta to the airport or hotel in Iquitos city.