alpamayo tour


The White Range (Cordillera Blanca) is located in the Peruvian Andes, with its capital Huaraz in Callejón de Huaylas (Huaylas valley), northeast from Lima city and as its name says, it boasts beautiful white peaks, many of them more than 6000 masl, like the highest tropical mountain in the world: The Huascarán (6768 masl). The White Range is the second highest mountain chain of the World, after the Himalayas, but the same in beauty, being one the best destinations in Peru. Fabulous circuit that starts in Cedros Valley and finishes in Santa Cruz Valley, where you can observe the famous face of Alpamayo Peak (4947 m.s.n.m) that won a prize for “The most beautiful mountain in the world”. It is a trail full of turquoise lagoons, mountains of more than 6000 masl, beautiful valleys and many high passes with magnificent views.

Level: Difficult
Distance: 170 – 180 km.
Maximal elevation: 4,860 masl
Maximal Temperature: 25°C
Minimal Temperature: -2°C
Departure time: 07:00
Duration: 5 – 7 hours per day
Arrival in Huaraz: 17:00 – 18:00

Day 01 HUARAZ – HUALCALLAN – WISHCASH (3139 m – 4300 m)

Early in the morning pick up from your hotel and transfer to Hualcayan Village to the north of Callejón de Huaylas (almost 3 hours), start point of the trail to the fist camp in Wishcash (4 -5 hours), during the trail is possible to have glimpse of the Black Range and the beautiful colorful fields of Hualcayan. Dinner and overnight at campsite.
(Lunch – Dinner).

Day 02 WISHCASH – OSORURI (4300 m – 4860 m – 4550 m)

Alter breakfast, start of the ascent to Osoruri Pass (4860 masl) where you have a magnificent view of the Cullicocha and Rajucocha Lakes and the impressive Santa Cruz Peak (6242 m.). The descent to the campsite is very easy. Arrival in the campsite in Osoruri after 4 or 5 hours. Dinner and overnight at campsite. (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner).

Day 03 OSORURI – LAGUNA JANKARURISH (4550 m – 4770 m – 4200 m)

Early in the morning, start of the ascent to the pass Vientuna (4770 masl), then descent to Alpamayo Valley passing through Ruina Pampa, a place where you can find pre-Inca ruins. The campsite is close to the river and from there you can have a glimpse of “The most beautiful mountain of the world”, The Alpamayo (5947 m). The trail last approximately 4 to 6 hours. Dinner and overnight at campsite. (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner).

Day 04 LAGUNA JANKARURISH – LAGUNAS SAFUNA (4200 m – 4830 m – 4460 – 4200 m.)

After breakfast is possible to walk and visit Jankarurish Lake which is 45 min. from the campsite. After that starts the ascent towards a steep pass called Gara Gara (4830 masl), which is normally very windy but has an impressive view of the valley and the mountains. Then it starts the descent to a beautiful flat that drives us towards Mesapata Pass (4460 masl) which is very easy. The last part is the descent towards the campsite in Tayapampa Valley quite close to the Safuna Lakes at the feet of the magnificent Pucajircas (6046 masl). Arrival in the campsite in 5 to 6 hours. Dinner and overnight at campsite. (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner).

Day 05 LAGUNAS SAFUNA – HUILLCAPAMPA (4200 m – 4000 m)

This day is at leisure to visit Safuna Lakes or Puka Cocha Lake at 4512 m. at the feet of Pucajirca West and Pucarasha peaks. The way up to Puka Cocha lake is quiet hard and steep, so it is recommendable just for people in good shape. After visiting Puca Cocha Lake starts the way down to the same valley to get to a campsite not very far from the last one at Huilcapampa Valley, where the shepherd raisin alpacas. Arrival at the campsite in Hiullcapampa in 6 to 7 hours. Dinner and overnight at campsite. (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner).

Day 06 HUILLCAPAMPA – JANCAPAMPA (4000 m – 4610 m – 3600 m.)

This day you climb up the Yanacon pass (4610 masl) and then you descent to Yanajanca Valley. This Valley has the biggest quenoal and quisuar forest (trees that grow in the altitude) of the White Range, and it is one the most beautiful valleys of the region with its turquoise lagoon called Sactaycocha surrounded by a magnificent quenoal forest. The way to Jancapampa Valley last from 6 to 7 hours and boast of green forests and small hamlets. Dinner and overnight at campsite located below impressive waterfalls formed from the Pucajirca Glaciar. (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner).

Day 07 JANCAPAMPA – LAGUNA HUECRUCOCHA (3600 m. – 4360 – 3800 m.)

Alter breakfast start with the ascent to Tupatupa pass (4360 masl). On the way, you can appreciate the Pucajircas from their east face. Then starts the descent towards Tuctubamba Valley until the cross to Huecrucocha Lake where we start to climb up again towards the campsite which is at the end and shores of this amazing Lake. Dinner and overnight in campsite. (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner).

Day 08 LAGUNA HUECRUCOCHA – HUARIPAMPA (3800 m. – 4650 m. – 4150 m.)

This day you climb up to Alto del Pucaraju pass (4640 masl). During the ascent there are beautiful landscapes of forest and small lakes where you it is possible to appreciate Andean guesses sometimes of the year. On the pass there is one the greatest views of the main peaks in White Range: Taulliraju, Artesonraju, Piramide Garcilaso, Alpamayo, Quitaraju are some of them. Then it comes an easy descent to the beginning of Huaripampa Valley where the campsite is installed. Arrival at campsite after 4 or 5 hours in total. Dinner and overnight at campsite.
(Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner).

Day 09 HUARIPAMPA – TAULLIPAMPA (4150 m. – 4760 m. – 4200 m.)

Alter breakfast start of the ascent to the famous pass in Punta Unión (4760 masl) of the traditional Santa Cruz Trekking. From this place you can have a wonderful glimpse of Santa Cruz Valley and the south face of Taulliraju Peak. Arrival at campsite after 4 or 5 hours in total. Dinner and overnight at campsite. (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner).

Day 10 TAULLIPAMPA – CASHAPAMPA – HUARAZ (4200 – 3200 m.)

Early in the morning start of the large descent in Quebrada Santa Cruz (6 to 7 hours). On the way you have the possibility to go up to the point view where you can appreciate Alpamayo, Artesonraju, Quitaraju, Aguja and Caraz Peaks. Then you can appreciate the beautiful Jatuncocha (Big Lake) and Ichicocha (Small Lake). Then go ahead into the valley until arriving to Cashapampa Town, where the transportation waits to take you back to Huaraz city. Arrival in Huaraz approximately at 6 PM and transfer to your hotel. (Breakfast – Lunch). End of service